Which flooring protects me from water damage?

Which flooring protects me from water damage?

If you live in a coastal area or somewhere that is even or below sea level, you might want to think about flooding when it comes to your new floors. However, plenty of durable and waterproof options for flooring that can help protect from water damage.

Going with waterproof flooring is a great choice when it comes to consideration of water damage. Carpet and hardwood aren't good options since they don't have a high waterproofing ability, but styling options can help you get the same look.

Durable options for protection from water damage

There are many different alternatives to flooring that aren't waterproof. You can choose from various types of flooring, from tiles to vinyl plank flooring, that can all come waterproof.

Tiles are most popular for new floors in the bathroom and sometime the kitchen since they are durable and waterproof. Vinyl plank flooring can have the hardwood look and feel you're looking for in other rooms.

Fitting your style

High-quality vinyl plank flooring features mold and mildew inhibitors, making it an excellent choice for waterproof flooring. It can also come in a different range of hardwood-looking styles, in any color from light to dark.

Glazed and high-body porcelain tiles are also a good choice for waterproof flooring. They look like ceramic tiles but offer higher durability and more waterproofing benefits for your new floors.

Choosing a company can feel like a daunting task. One main thing to remember is to search for a flooring company with an extensive catalog of waterproof flooring.

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