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If you’re ready to consider all that hardwood flooring can do for your home, we have some information that could be crucial to your shopping adventure. These floors offer impressive visuals and lifespans that could easily exceed 100 years. To learn more about these materials and the services that go along with them, read more here and visit us when you’re in the area.

Benefits of wood floors in your home

Most homeowners are lured into the hardwood flooring line by the promise of some of the most extended lifespans in flooring. A professionally installed, well-cared-for solid wood product can easily last more than 100 years. Engineered products, a fantastic below-grade alternative to solid wood, will last up to 30 years or more with the same treatment.

Once you come to the product line, you’ll find an extensive array of additional benefits that will make you glad you chose to consider them. For instance, visual personalization is vast, allowing you to select a species type, color, texture, board grade, format, and installation layouts, to name a few. That means your custom décor will find the perfect complement with wood floors.

Durability is as good as the species and activity match for your home. For example, high-energy homes require a harder species to help alleviate premature wear, with oak flooring offering some of the best results. However, low traffic will allow for softer woods to be used with the same great results, making these options a great choice for bedrooms, closets, and guest rooms, and we’ll be happy to share more information when you’re ready.

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